Utility Customers

Walker-Miller Energy Services is partnered with several utility companies throughout the United States to help with energy waste reduction program design and implementation. We serve all customers classes. Services include:

  • Energy Waste Reduction Program Design, and Implementation for All Customer Classes including
  • Program Management and Delivery
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Rebate Processing
  • Data Tracking and Quality Control
  • Direct Install Programs

We also work with major manufactures in the industry to provide the highest quality of transformers, breakers, capacitors, protective relays, substations, switch-gear and much more.


Walker-Miller Energy Services works with your utility provider and residential energy program to ensure that your home is energy efficient and that you are educated on best practices for energy waste reduction. Through our Home Energy Consultation services, residential utility customers will receive :

  • A Home Energy Assessment during which our specialists will show residents low cost to no cost energy saving opportunities in the home.
  • A Direct Installation of energy saving products such as LED light bulbs, low-flow sink and shower aerators, and insulating pipe wrap.
  • An extraordinary experience that will engage the customer and challenge them to be proactive in navigating the ever-changing energy landscape.

WMES offers our residential customers energy assessments designed to provide solutions that will improve comfort in your home while also decreasing ever-rising energy bill costs.


Get A Home Energy Assessment !

You get your car checked on by a mechanic, you get your teeth checked on by a dentist, why aren’t you getting your home checked on by a certified home performance professional?

  • Home Energy Score:
    On a scale of 1 to 10, how efficient do you think your home is? Are you thinking about all the systems in your house? How about heating, air conditioning, insulation, windows? There are a lot of variables that factor into how much energy your home uses. Luckily the Department of Energy offers the handy Home Energy Score assessment which can help you understand the efficiency of your home the same way that you can measure the efficiency of your car with a miles per gallon rating. The Home Energy Score is :
  • Fast: Assessments can be completed in less than an hour in most homes.
  • Simple: The Home Energy Score provides easy to understand and comparable information about a home’s energy performance.
  • Credible: Department of Energy supports research by national laboratories, along with robust training and quality assurances to ensure a high quality product.
  • Flexible: Assessors can customize the tool’s recommendations to reflect local conditions and the tool can be integrated with other energy assessment tools.

BPI Energy Audit:
An energy audit is completed by our experienced home performance professionals. These contractors are trained to use equipment such as a blower door, thermal imaging camera, and other health and safety testing devices. With these tools, home energy auditors can pinpoint any problems that could be wasting your energy, increasing your utility bills, and making your home unhealthy for your family.


Make the Recommended Energy-Saving Upgrades.

After the audit, the auditor will provide you with a comprehensive report, review the findings and provide a list of recommended upgrades you can make to increase your home’s energy efficiency. You decide which upgrades to implement. The more kWh savings you achieve by making these upgrades, the more rebates you may earn.

Home improvement upgrades typically include:

  • Wall Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • HVAC equipment
  • Air Sealing
  • Duct Sealing


Achieve and Enjoy Your Savings!

The final step of the Residential Energy Audit Program takes place once the upgrades have been installed. For audit-recommended air sealing upgrades, a follow-up blower door test is required for infiltration requirements and to determine savings. The savings are filled in on the rebate application form by the auditor at the time of the blower door test.

Remember, our experts are there to help you with the work, as well! After leaving you with a detailed report prioritizing the changes that you should make in your home, we can perform that work that for you, or identify the best professional to get the job done for you.

Schools & Institutional Customers

At Walker-Miller Energy Services we offer many solutions for schools and institutional business:

  • Energy Education
  • Waste Reduction Behavioral Training
  • Energy Audit Certification Training
  • ASHRAE Levels I, II, and III Energy Audits
  • Sustainability Program Design and Management
  • Energy Tax Recovery Evaluations
  • Project Financing Support
  • Carbon Reduction Tracking
  • Retrofit/Upgrade ROI Analysis
  • Incentive Processing
  • Sustainability Program Design and Management
  • Carbon Reduction Tracking
  • Rebate Processing


Every business depends on energy.

And as a business changes, its energy needs to evolve.
Did you know the most energy-efficient organizations in the US consume 30 percent less energy than their industry counterparts? Walker-Miller Energy Services offers complete energy management solutions to help businesses grow.

For Commercial Buildings we offer:

• ASHRAE Level I, II, and III Energy Audits
• Retrofit/Upgrade ROI Analysis
• Rebate Processing
• Energy Project Management
• Energy Measurement and Verification

Additionally, Walker-Miller Energy services offers a wide variety of financing options suitable for all budgets and spending capabilities.

Take A Step In The Right Direction.

Whether you’re ready for a whole-business energy efficiency upgrade or want to make specific home improvements, Walker-Miller Energy Services has an expert for you.